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Cold Wax Paintings

Cold Wax Painting Red Roses

About Cold Wax Paintings

Cold Wax is a special material with lots of possibilities. I work with it on stretched canvas, canvas board or a wooden panel. The paintings are build up by many layers that need to dry and harden in-between. Working with cold wax gives a beautiful result and you can process and use the cold wax in many different ways. I love playing with color like that.

Cold Wax Paintings

Used materials in Cold Wax Paintings

I only use quality materials.
Powerwax from Powertex is my medium for the Cold Wax Paintings.
I mix my own colors with Amsterdam Experts Acrylics and Inks, Fluids and High Flow Acrylics from Golden, and other various professional brands. The paint is highly pigmented and the colors are bright and deep and they will last. Besides acrylics I also use pigments and metallic; all from the known professional brands and way to much to mention here in a list.
I also use various mediums (gesso, thinners, thickers, gels) of professional brands like Golden and Liquitex.
The canvasses I use are all stretched on a quality stretcher. The panels (canvas boards) I use are from a fine quality, not the cheap ones. I also use wooden Ampersand Boards or canvasses from a block by Strathmore.
I always paint the sides of a stretched canvas or boards, sometimes in one color, other times in the colors of the painting. You do not need to frame the artwork, but framing in a cradled frame will give the painting a whole new dimension.
The cold wax paintings are polished after drying so the pores are closed and the artwork is sealed.
I varnish all my artwork for protection with a special encaustic varnish so the satin finish of the cold wax is preserved. In some cases I choose to varnish in a gloss finish, because it suits the artwork better.

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