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Mixed Media on Paper Girl in Red
Mixed Media on Paper Girl in Blue
Mixed Media on Paper Abstract 2
Mixed Media on Paper Abstract 1

Creative by Chantal

Chantal Peters

I am Chantal Peters (July 1970), very creative with a passion for music and painting. I am a self-taught artist and Artstudio CreChaTyf is my voice to share my passion with you. My art is very divers, from Encaustic with Beeswax, to Matterpaintings and Mixed Media, to Cold Wax paintings. I’m blessed and proud to see that lots of my artwork is sold and brightens the walls of houses all over the world.

This site is growing and my dream is to inspire you to play with your own creativity and to find your own voice. You may follow me on the socials and you can always reach out to me by mail if you have any questions. Do not forget to subscribe to my newsletter, so you stay up to date about everything that is going on.


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My artwork

All of my artwork is unique, though I also work in series. Most of my work is very colorful and I love to paint abstracts, but now I find myself in a fase of figurative abstracts. I work with lots of different materials; I love the way these challenge me in my creativity over and over. This brings me to a higher level and I certainly don’t want to limit myself to just 1 defined style in my artwork, as experimenting fills my soul.


There is one connection in (almost) all of my artwork on canvas and that is crackles. I just love playing around with crackles, small organic ones or the deep ones, painting on a crackled background or adding them to just one part of the painting.

In our individual lives journey, our crackles shape us to be unique and beautiful.

Wounds make us grow and make us stronger, and crackles are needed to let the light through.

Special items

Sometimes I create a special item in which I preserve some precious memories.
Have a look at this page if you’re interested.
“An emotionally valuable and lovingly crafted relic to cherish the many memories.”

Figurative Matter Painting Thanks Dad
Abstract Matter Painting Playing with Nature
Mixed Media Sculpture Candlestick

My latest artwork

To everyone I haven’t met yet:
I am Chantal!

  • Very creative
  • Music lover
  • Mother
  • Partner
  • Animal lover
  • Enjoying live to the best
  • Meditation lover
  • Always just me 

And in my artwork I want to keep following my inner so I’m able to state my own voice and I hope
I can help you do the same.
Together we can brighten up the world.

More about me

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In my newsletter I will share the latest updates from my studio. When you join, you’ll get a FREE small encaustic artwork delivered to your house.
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