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Encaustic Art on A4 Paper

Encaustic Art on Paper A4 Step into this Life

About Encaustic Art on Paper

Wax paintings, Encaustic Art on paper is a nice creative form of art. It is a lovely way to play with the wax and the colors and it’s very intuitive. An artwork can never be made twice. Painting with wax is unique and has its own way. But there are certain techniques I can repeat and I will do so.

Encaustic Art on A4 Encaustic Paper

The sizes of the paintings

A6 is like a small photo or a postcard. These paintings are often used on folded cards. And they are easy to put in a small frame, so you have a unique gift that isn’t too expensive.

A5 and bigger paintings will often not be used on a folded card. These paintings are often framed or put up on a matching contrasting piece of cardboard. Framing the artwork ads a whole new dimension and often you can easily buy frames quite cheap.

Be aware that the wax painting doesn’t touch the glass and use a passe-partout. Also never put wax paintings in the sun or behind the window. The beeswax will melt at temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius and will become soft earlier, like a candle.

Used materials in Encaustic Art

I only use quality materials.
I paint with beeswax from R&F and Encaustic Art. These paints are highly pigmented and the colors are bright and deep and they will last. By polishing the wax, the colors will shine.
All these paintings are painted on special encaustic paper. It looks like photo paper, but it is really different and can stand the heat I work with to melt the wax.
All paintings are varnished for protection against scratching with a special encaustic varnish, which preserves the satin look of the encaustic and brings out the colors even more.

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