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Personal biography

I will tell you a bit about me in this biography. I’m a mother of three, but unfortunately I’ve never met my first born son. He is a stillborn and he has his own website (in Dutch). You may have a look, but realize the story can be triggering. I’m really proud of my other two kids, currently students, who challenge all aspects of live and take their spot in this beautiful world.

My partner is very sweet and I want to grow old with him. He also has four kids and is a granddad. I own two sweet dogs and I’m staff for six cats. We have a small and a big aquarium with all kinds of small fish and we have a small pond. My daughter also has a turtle by the name of Camy and together we live in a cosy house in Brunssum (south of The Netherlands).

Biography; Family

My voice​

Biography; Chantal Peters

Ever since I was a young girl (8 years old), I made music. I play the saxophone and making music comes from deep within me. I give it my own soul. It also brings me lots of joy and a lust for life. After a rehearsal or concert I’m always tired, but filled with new energy! When I was in my twenties I started making art. I’m a passionate and lively person, but making art calms me down and I find myself to be a different, quiet girl, completely absorbed by my artwork. I find making art to be very healing for my soul, just as making music is.

Art and music

In 2021 I realize that my art and my music are connected. I make music and I always listen to music too. I’m never in a quiet room. If the radio is playing, often I suddenly hear a song that holds a deeper meaning for me, a message. And when I choose to listen to my own music, it can be very diverse, from rock, to symphonic, to soul, to pop, to jazz, to meditative music, natures music and so on. Often I pick music that fits my state of mind and feeds my soul. But I never really think about what to choose, it comes naturally.

And that brings me to my artwork in this biography. I never make a detailled plan about what to paint and in what colors. I just follow my inner soul and my state of mind. It’s never quiet when I paint and I realized that I also follow the music when I paint. The songs I pick to listen to when painting, have a great influence on the outcome of my canvas, in color and in image. The canvas becomes my voice for you to hear.

Biography; Chantal Peters

My artwork

All of my artwork is unique, though I also work in series. Most of my work is very colorful and I love to paint abstracts, but now I find myself in a fase of figurative abstracts. I work with lots of different materials; I love the way these challenge me in my creativity over and over. This brings me to a higher level and I certainly don’t want to limit myself to just 1 defined style in my artwork, as experimenting fills my soul.

Matter Painting

The world around me in all its beauty inspires me to do matter paintings. If you are truly willing to open your eyes and look around, you will find so many lovely structures and textures and so much depth and diversity in colors. And that is what touches me. For me that is pure emotion and love.

I never make a detailed plan about what I’m going to paint and in what colors. I put out various materials and I just start working on a canvas. My inner is in charge and I like working very intuitive, just playing on my canvas. My work is build up layer by layer. And its very satisfying to play with all the materials and to discover what influence they have on each other.

In matter painting I work with uncommon materials, like marble dust, stone powders, sand, coffee grind, chalk, iron, pigments, oils, and bitumen. But I also like working with gifts I find in nature, such as leafs, feathers, stones, and branches. I also like using various hobby materials like buttons, zippers, fabrics, and rope.


Figurative Matter Painting Out of Darkness

There is one connection in (almost) all of my artwork on canvas and that is crackles. I just love playing around with crackles, small organic ones or the deep ones, painting on a crackled background or adding them to just one part of the painting.


In our individual lives journey, our crackles shape us to be unique and beautiful.
Wounds make us grow and make us stronger, and crackles are needed to let the light through.


In 1992 I discovered painting on silk. It was love at first sight and I started following lessons from a French woman Françoise Lacomblé*. Soon I was combining painting on silk with various other techniques, even then I didn’t want to be limited to 1 specific technique.

I stopped painting as of 2002, simply because I was too busy taking care of my kids. It was a cosy intensive time where creativity found its own path, often together with my children. But I never stopped feeling the need to create and in 2013 I started painting again, though in a very different way.

Art lessons

I started with drawing and painting lessons from a small Dutch studio: Sylvia Dolmans – Galerie Si La Vie. I discovered the world of acrylics. And on the big hobby fair in Utrecht (Kreadoe) encaustic art crossed my path. I followed several workshops at and by Wemke de Jong and Michael Bossom. And Liesbeth Vaes Kuipers from SoulWhispers also helpt me along in my path with encaustic painting on canvas.

But my inner desire was not yet satisfied. Until I discover Powertex. Powertex as a textile hardener, as a base for making structures, but also the Powerwax, a cold wax to paint with. I followed various workshops by Wilma Kielstra. But the most important person in my creative development is Clemy Roelandt of Creyarte. She got me curious for matter painting. Meanwhile I did lots of technique lessons and workshops and now I dare to say that I have enough knowledge to experiment on my own.


Currently I’m mostly combining all kinds of techniques and I’m discovering a world full of possibilities. I have fallen in love with matter painting, where I work with uncommon materials. For instance I use marble dust, stone powders, sand, coffee grind, chalk, iron, pigments, oils and bitumen. You can find this artwork in the gallery under Figurative and Abstract Matter Painting.

I follow all kinds of lessons and workshops through the internet with various mixed media techniques to develop my knowledge and to combine those with my own voice. Its very stimulating and positive for me and I really love doing that. I hope I’m able to do this for a long time and I hope I may inspire you too.

Abstract Matter Painting The Making of Obsidian 2


CreATive, but “Cha” points to Chantal and the “Y” is a refference to I my 3 children, Yorrick*, Yorian and Yannicka. I sign my artwork with “CH” which stands for my first two names, Chantal Henrica. Henrica was my grandmother, who unfortunately passed away way too early.


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